The Big Spring Clean

Our eagerly anticipated Spring Market went on hold with lockdown but we’re not one to sit around thinking about what should have been. Instead our retailers and Spring Market Day craftspeople, designers and artists set about thinking of a way to put lockdown to good use.

They’ve cleaned out the garage, the spare room and the garden shed. They’ve had a stocktake and a huck out and found cool, quirky and covetable items that they’re going to sell as part of The Tannery’s Spring Garage Sale.

We’ve joined forces with The Good Sell to support a charity pretty close to our hearts here at The Tannery; Lachie’s Laces and the Child Cancer Foundation. A percentage of the profits of each items our retailers and talented craftspeople have listed on The Good Sell will go to the Child Cancer Foundation so they can keep up the amazing work of supporting NZ tamariki living with cancer.

Check out some of the items listed on The Good Sell below, and head on over to the website to start bidding! Click an image to be taken to the auction for that item.