About The Tannery

How The Tannery Shopping Centre Started

The Tannery is a boutique shopping emporium on the banks of the Heathcote River in Woolston, Christchurch, New Zealand. The old industrial precinct from the 19th century is now home to a retail complex boasting stunning architecture and art, and home to a concentration of boutique shops; a hub of creativity and hospitality, retail, craft and entertainment.

In 1994 Christchurch businessman Alasdair Cassels bought the historic tannery site in Woolston; its history dating back to 1874. Fast forward 15 years to 2009 and the Cassels and Sons Brewing Company was formed and began making beer from the historic site. Cassels and Sons Brewing Company initially planned to demolish the corner building on the site, which now houses The Brewery – the immensely popular bar which opened four months after the February 22nd, 2010 quake.

Today, The Tannery is a unique destination that is enjoyed by locals and tourists alike who describe it as “Quirky, eclectic and worth finding” and “Old-time charm meets modern attraction”. With more than 50 boutique shops, restaurants, bars and a deluxe cinema, The Tannery has evolved unassumingly into Christchurch’s premier retail destination. Home to owner-operated and specialist shops that you won’t find anywhere else – there is not a chain store in sight. This is the place for individuals to shop – people who love quality, who love fashion, who like to make ethical purchases and want to support high caliber crafts and artisans. The Tannery is a place to wander and discover, enjoy food, refreshments, entertainment and of course shop – all in one convenient, historic location with free accessible car parking.

If you adore shopping, want to experience something a bit different, or can’t find that special gift, look no further! The Tannery is the ultimate destination for boutique shopping in Christchurch. We look forward to welcoming you.

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