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Maunsell St Brewery

Our Maunsell St. Brewery was built by Canadian Brewery manufacturer DME, and installed new in February 2013 and is sized to produce 25HL of wort per brew. The Maunsell St. brewery has been sized and laid out to meet future growth which will include bottling / packaging facilities being installed as well as further fermenting and finished beer tanks.

“The Brewery” Brewery

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Experience Crafted Cassels and Sons Craft Beer tours

If you want the genuine craft beer experience you need to see the genuine craft brewery where the magic happens.  We can make it happen just for you and your mates.

Cassels and Sons’ beer is all brewed in our premises near The Tannery and only a few hundred metres from The Brewery where we serve it.  You can see the vats and the ingredients and meet the team behind Cassels and Sons’ award winning Milk Stout, Best Bitter, Alchemist Pale Ale, and our other fantastic brews.

We’re now offering the real tour about how beer should brewed and crafted in New Zealand.

We’ll show you the tanks and the ingredients and tell you how we do it.

Meet the brewers, met the hops, you can even touch the tanks.

For parties of up to 30 we can take you to another world.  We host stag parties, sports clubs, social clubs, service groups or just friends wanting something different. Just ask. [email protected]