COVID-19 and My Vaccine Pass Information

RED Traffic Light System at The Tannery

As we continue to ride the COVID wave, we’d like to briefly inform you of what RED under the COVID Protection Framework will look like when you next visit The Tannery.

  • Our retailers will remain open with capacity limits based on 1-metre distancing. Please practice social distancing.
  • The Tannery common areas will not require My Vaccine Pass.
  • Non mandated businesses at The Tannery may require a My Vaccine Pass. This decision is at the discretion of the retailer. Our retailers will display signage at their entrance to advise whether a My Vaccine Pass is required, or not.
  • Close proximity businesses at The Tannery (such as beauty, hospitality, hairdresser, gym) will require My Vaccine Pass, QR code tracing and 1m social distancing.
  • Please scan in on arrival at The Tannery and at each store you visit. This will help with contact tracing for any cases in our community.
  • Please wear a face covering.

We thank you for your continued understanding!

What you need to know about visiting The Tannery from December 3rd.

At The Tannery, we take the safety of our retailers, staff and customers seriously. Since the arrival of COVID we have worked to implement measures to protect against the risk of COVID. With the introduction of the new COVID Protection Framework on Friday December 3rd, you will see further changes at The Tannery to continue on this path of providing a safe environment for you to enjoy.

The Tannery will not universally require evidence of My Vaccine Passes. This decision, under the government guidelines, is at the discretion of our individual businesses. When you next visit The Tannery, you will be able to access our common areas without a My Vaccine Pass but some retailers, and all of our hospitality outlets, will ask to sight or scan your My Vaccine Pass before you can enter their business. Each business at The Tannery will display signage in a prominent place, near their main entrance indicating whether customers do or do not require a My Vaccine Pass.

We thank you in advance for you support and co-operation as we navigate these unprecedented times.

Retailers at The Tannery